She Knew I Liked The Smell And All Of That

When I was In high school I was involved in the musical and chorus and such.

There was a girl we will call Rachel who was one of my chorus friends.

We would chat online sometimes and we were both sheltered suburban kids, so needless to say we were pretty “kinky” individuals.

We never did anything sexual really but she would send me voice messages teasing me and such, more to play around than anything sexual.

I knew what she was into, and she knew my biggest fetish, feet.

She knew I liked the smell and all of that.

She would tease me about it all the time and make jokes about it.

Not much to say about her, she was blond, pretty okay looking, and slightly chubby, with some pretty attractive size 5 feet.

Shes was involved with musicals before even joining ours, so she was usually our main dancer and performer for dramatic roles.

The day before the show, we had a particularly draining and exhausting practice, running through the show and whatnot.

When we group up to talk about everything, people usually take off their shoes and stuff.

I would often stare at the feet and socks of my classmates.

I would see the imprints in the shoes and the sweat leaving prints on the hardwood.

Rachel of course took her sneakers off, as she usually did, however I noticed 2 things.

1: She was wearing the same pair of socks as the previous day, and 2: Her feet absolutely reeked.

When she took those shoes off it traveled right to my nose and I could feel myself getting lightheaded.

No one else noticed, since we were sitting on the other side of the stage.

I was laying down at the time, and when she took off those sneakers she placed her feet directly in front in my face.

I don’t think she even realized, but her feet were about 1 foot in front of me as she flexed and stretched her extremely sweaty foot.

Thinking back maybe she did it on purpose, but she never gave any indication she did, and I’m just not sure.

Either way, with her pungent feet teasing me to no end i couldn’t help but stare and for a good 7 minutes i was able to enjoy it.

When we ended we all put away our stuff and blah blah blah, but I purposefully took longer than everyone else, and when i texted my mother to pick me up, she told me she was going to be late.

I told my teacher I would be fine by myself and he left me there, where I was able to do what i felt like.

Being the horny teen I was I made sure I was alone before stealing the pair of sneakers and going into the side of the stage, where I was sure there were no cameras.

There on stage I took my time and sniffed one sneaker while fucking the other.

They were still moist and warm with sweat and it was absolute heaven.

The imprint was defined and perfect for rubbing my dick on, feeling the countour of her foot.

I came in them twice, leaving the load in there, and waiting to go home.

She of course had no idea, and for the next 2 days she would perform on stage with my semen in her sneaker.

I still wonder if she meant to tease me that day.

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