I Have Literally Wasted My Last 5 Years Of Life

I have literally wasted my last 5 years of life . Haven't acheived anything.

Preparing for the medical exam from past three years everytime i start with full confidence but i ended up ruining everything playing games watching porn wasting much of a time on youtube now i am feeling very bad I've lost the trust of my loved ones everyone has huge expectations from me cause i belong to lower middle class i was the only hope for my family for a better and i keep on ruining it i don't know how these years passed so quickly it's not like that i haven't tried studying everyday i woke up with a new start but always ended up wasting it i dont know how things went i really have a high expectations from me too cause i don't used to be like this i was a very bright stundent before but still can't cope up with life it keeps on coming with new problems i always remain sick and now there used to be this thing whenever i try to study something happens which interrupts me its being very hard for me everyone's like crictising me and making fun of ….

my friends just graduated and i am still at nothing .. there's lot to write …

but its just a confession and went little far …. Sorry dadi, i failed u .

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