Hmmm….I Thought Teenage Was All About Fun But It Is About Depression For People Who Dont Look Good…I Am One Of Them.Does That Mean Only People Who Look Good Can Have Crushes? My Crush Rejected Me And Has Been Avoiding Me.My Best Friend Who I Had No Intrest In Suddenly Comes Up To Me Nd Tells Me He Likes Me But Loves My Classmate Because She Looks Way Better Than Me He Also Tells Me That Only People Who Look Good Will Be Able To Have Crushes And Boyfriends And Not People Like

Hmmm….I thought TEENAGE was all about fun but it is about depression for people who dont look good…I am one of them.Does that mean only people who look good can have crushes?

My crush rejected me and has been avoiding me.My best friend who I had no intrest in suddenly comes up to me nd tells me he likes me but loves my classmate because she looks way better than me he also tells me that only people who look good will be able to have crushes and boyfriends and not people like .

I would have been okay if any one else would have told me this but hearing this from my best friend who knows everything about me is very hurting.I have been depressed ever since that day ….what should I do?Avoid him or be friends with him?

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