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    I Touched Strangers Co*k in Bus for First Time

    I am a married woman, I am 38 years old, (when I touched a stranger’s cock for the first time) Once I was traveling inside the city by local bus, I was sitting on a seat, there was a lot of crowd in that bus, many people were standing near me too, a man was […] More

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    Forgive Me Father my Sins

    Forgive Me Father my Sins. Its been about a month since my last confession . I have been paying women online to send explicit immodest material online. I have preformed immodest acts. More

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    I love Alex Carter

    I love you, Alex Carter. I want to dump my boyfriend for you. You said you wanted to hang out with me, but you haven’t even done anything about that yet. Please, Alex, I’m begging you to show me you care. Invite me to a party… More