I Have A 12 Years Old Sister

I have a 12 years old sister.

Recently she been having some serious issues with biting(biting fetish?).

My family have always know that she have large and sharp canines than other children, but she behave normal.

A few weeks ago she started developing some biting habit.

At first, she chew gums frequently or eat a lot, but it got worse.

She now bite anything she can reach on.

Her pillow and her clothes now are full of holes, and my mom doesn't know about this yet, but she's doubting us.

My sister now need to change her toothbrush every 3-4 days because she keep bite and destroy them.

Im honestly worried about her, should I get her checked or anything?

And can I buy her a sensory chew toy, if I can, what brand should I use?

If there's anything related to anxiety please let me know how to help her, thank you.

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