Women Love The Way I Walk

I helped write famous songs. Famous songs are about me. I’m a very sexy man.

Women love the way I walk. They love the way I talk. I dated a lot of beautiful women.

I was around a lot of singers. I took a lot of photos and videos of them.

I’ve broken many hearts. I’ve only fallen in love twice. One made my dreams come true.

I married her. Had children. The other is a singer. I never told her how I felt about her.

Instead I stopped answering the phone. I told her to find someone like me. I realize now.

There is no one else like me. Theres no one else like her.

Theres no one else like the woman I married. It seems I broke both of their hearts.

I assumed the singer forgot about me. But I keep listening to those songs we wrote together.

Now I listen to her new songs. Watch her new videos. We met near a bridge over a river.

I used to play the piano and sing melancholy songs. I was so happy around her.

Me and the singer were like old friends. So happy together.

You ever been around someone that was a perfect fit fir you? Thats happened twice for me.

Which was the problem. So I helped the singer write some songs. Then I pushed her away.

Tried to make her hate me. At times I’m clean shaven. I laugh and joke a lot.

I joke that I’m black. But I look white. I’m mixed race. At times I have a beard.

I like to fish. I live in a small town near the river.

I fall asleep listening to crickets; owls, and such.

It does not escape me that in one of her newer videos she’s floating on a river.

A piano plays on the bridge over the river. Her beautiful self floats down the river.

Passing some men. In the front is the first man she wanted to marry? Behind him is me?

Happy and talking. I’m always laughing and happy.

Then is that him sadly staring at her on the right? Older him perhaps.

Is that me ignoring her as I fish behind him? Is that older me? Well. I did nearly die.

Thought I crossed over to the other side. But I didn’t. I’m still here. A little older.

But women still love me. They still love the way I walk. Still love the way I talk.

Love my “angel” eyes. I could easily be a Romeo still. But I left all of that behind.

I still want the woman I married. But she’s sick. Wants me to move on. How?

I only wanted two women in my entire life.

When I helped write those songs I didn’t get heart ache. Now I do.

Its odd listening to a sad song you helped write. I used to think we were writing songs about him.

Now I think we were really writing songs about me. It certainly seems like it. Well.

Now I just listen and cry with the rest of you. Women want me. I only wanted two women.

How do you balance that? It’s supposed to be only one. Well at least the singer never knew that.

I had one of the most technical jobs on earth. Massive strength. I look like a movie star.

Built like a pro athlete. I drip sexuality. Great dancer.

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