My Cousin is Arrested

This world is dying. People are running around cursing god and changing their gender
and dudes marrying dudes, paedophilia, pansexual and bull shit. My cousin is arrested, and she is in prison because a trans or retard with a penis walked into an all-woman spa and asked for a nice full-body massage. The masseuse said I won’t do it. You have a penis, and I am married, so she is now in jail. This world is gone. We are dead, humanity is done, and masculinity, feminity, and god have vanished. There is no hope for us

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  1. Right, so that never happened. Or your cousin physically attacked the person. You’re either leaving stuff out, lying, or someone’s lying to you.

  2. Actually this happens more often than published. Since a God fearing heterosexual business owner refused to bake a wedding cake for two married men in the USA, the men were allowed to sue the bakery and the news media ate it up making it illegal for private companies to deny business from lgbtq couples.
    God has not left yet, keep your faith and don’t let this world or the god of this world comform you to this world. Be strong and remember that not everyone who claims to know Jesus (God) will enter the kingdom of heaven. Just hold tight this world is about to see something no man has ever seen.

  3. But you didn’t finish the story and tell the truth. Their law suit was thrown out because a business has the right to refuse service

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