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    I just wanted to hear her moan

    in high school, I wanted to fuck the drumline section leader. she was hot and smart and musically talented and I would fantasize about her all the time. I didn’t want her to fuck me or anything. I just wanted to hear her moan. and I hate having felt this way. More

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    Sex with Delivery Boy in Office

    I work in the front office of my company. I handle many things including signing for the deliveries. Recently we got a new delivery guy on our route. He has been very friendly which turned to flirting pretty quickly. He is an attractive black guy in his early 30’s. I am 40, 5’3 blonde hair, […] More

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    My Mother’s Little Secret

    My mother is a 70 year old dilaudid addict. She is mean and hateful, but my duty as a daughter to take care of her. She has always been so abusive that I worry I don’t love her anymore. This scares me, too. Confessed by: Chuckswife Gender: Female Country: United States More