Mom Forced Me to Wear Diapers On & Off All My Life By Cindy

I am 20 and my mother spanks my naked ass any time she feels I deserve a spanking. Mom forced me to wear diapers on and off all my life for one reason or another but the biggest reason was because I pissed my pants. There were a few times when I was fine one second and the next had to pee so badly and wouldn’t have been able to get it out and pee in the toilet even if I was in the bathroom.

There were a few times where I waited too long and couldn’t make it in time. However, there were a lot of times I pissed my pants because mom wouldn’t pull the car over where there was a safe place for me to pee. She made me go to garage sales and she either promised to hurry and she would take me somewhere as soon as we left, or she would tell me she would ask the home owners, usually not even going over to ask and when I mentioned it she always said she asked and was told no.

She could tell by how I acted on how bad I had to go and loved to deny me the chance to go to a bathroom and always blamed me and always paddled my ass good then made me wear a diaper for a few days at first but after I had pissed myself several times she said I wasn’t learning a lesson and did it because I liked being turned into a baby and liked wearing diapers and began making the length of time I was to be diapered longer.

– Cindy

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  1. My brother forces me to.wear diapers out in public and dresses for having a small penis he says all babies are in diapers. He says that he will release pictures to everyone if I don’t do as he tells men

  2. You confessed that there are times that you wait too long to make it to the bathroom which tells us all that you piss your pants because you really like to wear diapers . If I was your mother I would make you wear a diaper at all times . I would make you wear clothes that make it obvious that you are wearing a diaper.Imagine the looks and comments from the females especially the girls when they see that you are wearing a diaper,they will laugh and tease you about it