Their House Had A Large Basement Which Was Partially Finished

When I was 9 yrs old my family moved to a new town to be closer to my Grandparents.

I enjoyed being able to bike from our street to the adjoining neighborhood where they lived.

I would spend time playing there because it was nice to get away from my sisters once in a while.

Their house had a large basement which was partially finished.

A great place for a boy to have his Secret Super-Hero hideout.

Next door lived a couple who were a little younger than my parents.

They had a fenced in back yard as did my grandparents.

Both fences had a back gate that opened to empty lots behind the houses.

The neighbors had a friendly male Doberman who was always outside playing, running, and looking around for lost treasure like myself I imagined.

Sometimes i would open the back gates and let him in the yard so we could play together.

Every Super Hero needs a sidekick. Eventually I began sneaking him into the basement with me.

His name was Gunner. I remember one day he and I were rolling and wrestling on the floor.

I was lying on my back looking up as he was standing beside me.

I saw a bright red protrusion from underneath him.

His penis was playing peek-a-boo from out of its sheath.

Up until that point I'd not given the first thought to his penis but suddenly I was captivated and curious and couldnt think of anything else.

I reached up and lightly touched the tip. He looked down at me and licked my face.

Since he didnt seem bothered by my curiosity I decided to wrap my hand around his rather large sheath and squeeze.

When I did, more of his dick began to extend, becoming exposed and I was mesmerised looking at it.

That's when I decided to push his covering back and look at his entire cock.

I wanted to see what he'd been hiding.

I firmly wrapped my hand around his stiffened rod and squeezed it like I did to my own sometimes.

I wasnt sure what he was doing but his behavior began to surprise me.

First his cock began to swell at the base then he tried to turn around.

So i let him while i just kept squeezing and milking his cock until i just couldn't resist anymore.

My boyish gift for naughtiness and hyper-sexuality coaxed me into sucking it.

I had sucked cocks before but never a dog. I was captivated by how red it was and its purple veins.

Without hesitation I leaned forward and kissed the tip and I licked the shaft up and down a few times.

Then i took the full erect appendage into my mouth and started sucking.

He immediately began releasing drips and squirts of fluid as I kept trying to swallow it all.

Finally without warning there was a forceful throbing and a spewing of sperm rich cream flooded my mouth.

I lost some as it dribbled down my chin but i drank as much of it as i could.

Gunner finally went soft again and i laid on the cool floor with the pungent taste of his canine cum on my tongue.

It was fun and sneaky. Perfect combo for a 9 yr old boy.

From that moment, he and I had a new game and we played it all the time.

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