When I Was 12 I Often Slept Over At My Cousin’s House

When I was 12 I often slept over at my cousin’s house.

Nothing earth shattering there as we all did back in the day before puberty officially hit.

One time I was over his house I had an experience involving his attractive sister.

I saw and watched her have sex in their living room. First I was awoken at night by moaning.

Next, I found myself drawn to the intense moaning sounds and went towards them.

I saw my cousin riding her boyfriend. I was aroused.

All I did was watch curiously and became very obsessed with not only her but the act itself.

Looking back, anyone would be watching or listening if not sneaking a peek as voyeurism is normal with both sexes whether out of amusement or curiosity.

Most sneak a peek but I stayed full the end.

I felt ashamed by watching but one watches when it’s in the open as it was.

Intense, loud moans that will wake one up, no door and essentially a wide open glance to a somewhat live and in person porno.

I was and still am surprised by how carefree it seemed and was but I guess they were just that horny and didn’t care.

Maybe the risk factor played a part too.

Regardless, I got closer and crawled under a table to see and experience it up close.

My was it intense and revealing. Multiple positions too.

Oh my.

I didnt get caught but was more interested in my cousin as a result.

She was a promiscuous girl but she always owned that. She was comfortable in her own skin and real.

She just loved sex and guys that were good at it.

I always knew she was a flirt and guys obviously liked her because she was attractive, but this was something else at least to me.

Course, I was only 12, who wouldn’t watch?

I’m not proud now of watching but when I look back I smile despite cringing because she was blood.

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