In Reality Paul, Alcohol And Sex Simply Don’T Mix

We were at a wedding. The accumulation of alcohol over a very long day had had it's effect.

I was a little bit more than tipsy but my partner, Paul, by the end of the night, was very drunk.

In the taxi home he told me all the things he was going to do to me.

In reality Paul, alcohol and sex simply don't mix. So, I took it all with a pinch of salt.

However, back home he made some attempt to be true to his word.

I barely had time to close the door when he was all over me.

Against the wall, tongue down my throat and hand up my skirt, right on the button.

He slipped down my dress and began playing with my nipples.

He knows what really turns me on and when he started kissing and sucking it did exactly that.

He slipped down and I gladly lifted up my dress and let him pull down my pants.

His tongue was inside me flicking and teasing gone one second then back the next driving me mad.

I took hold of his head with two hands and pulled him into me, arching my back so my crotch pushed into him.

I was almost there, almost. That's when I heard the thump.

I opened my eyes and Paul was lying flat on his back snoring his head off.

I think that's when I kicked him, no heels.

He never even flinched.

Now, this is my confession in mitigation I can only say that I was desperate.

But I have no regrets he got what he deserved. I sat on his face.

He made some spluttering noises but it never stopped him snoring even though the sounds were now somewhat muffled.

I moved about till I got his nose nicely positioned and after a short while I had a great orgasm.

Paul lay comatose throughout.

Perhaps the best part was that the next day he had absolutely no recollection of any of it and of course I've never told him.

Am I the only girl ever to cum on a mans nose?????

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