His 16 Year Old Brother Was Sitting Talking To Me

My first orgasm .

When i was 11 i was in my friends house siting on the sofa waiting nfor him to come home .

His 16 year old brother was sitting talking to me .

Without saying anything he leaned over and undid my jeans , slipping them down to my knees .

He then took my dick and started playing with it .

I was shocked and just sat there not knowing what was happening . It felt nice so ilet him do it .

Then i started to get hard . This is when he started stroking it up and down . This was nice .

After he had been doing this for a few minutes .

I statred to get these feeling , almost like cramp but nice . These feelings got stronger .

Then all of a sudden they were amazing , so nice .

I started to cum , it was squirting all over my legs .

Wow what had just happened , i wanted to feel that again .

I was disappointed he wiped me and told me to get dressed . He wasn't going to do it again .

After that i would have a wank when ever i could .

At school some the other guys started wanking in the changing cubicles at swimming , and showing each other nudist books .

I never joined in , just watching .

A few weeks later i was with one of my friends in his house , laying on the carpet watching TV .

He was a bit of a mummies boy , not joining in with a lot of things that the others did .

I lay there and suddenly had the urge to give him a wank .

I told him not to worry , just let me do what i am giong to do .

I slipped his jeans down to his knees , and put my hand on his dick . Just gently playing with it .

When it was hard , i started to stroke it .

He looked shocked but i could see that he was enjoying it .

I wanked him until he started moaning and squirming , then he started spurting .

When he had finished cuming and is topped . He said i must have needed to pee .

Then i asked him to do it to me . He didn't seem keen at first , but he agreed .

Giving me my second hand job by another guy .

We had s few sessions playing with each others dicks ans wanking each other .

I can remember him sliding his dick between my Butt cheeks a few times .

Not cumming but just sliding it up and down . He asked me to do the same to him .

I tried a few times , but never really got anything from it .

We always ended up wanking each other . I learned years later that he was gay .

Nothing happened again until i was 12 . With a girl that i knew , and her friends .

That was so good .

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