Should I Let Her Be Or Should We Finish What We Started

At the age of 5 my mother and father separated and fast forward 7 years later my father remarried and I have a new step mother and step sister.

At first things went smoothly, my new mother was loving and caring but my sister not so much almost as if she hated me.

One day our mother decided to make the both of us take a bath at the same time.

Really I thought nothing of the matter then my mother asked to continue washing my little sister because she had to go somewhere.

I continued doing so until I glanced at her vagina.

An 12 year old boy and a 7 year old girl in a bath tab together alone.

I thought to myself this is wrong, why am I feeling like rubbing her vagina.

I rubbed it slowly and looked at her eyes and instead of giving me the look of disgust she would usually give me when I did anything around her she have me a lustful look and told me not to stop then all hell broke loose.

We made out we licked each other's private parts and she would love it when I put my tounge in her vagina.

At that point of my life I didn't know how sex worked so we didn't go all the way.

This continued for almost a year whenever we said we wanted to play we would go to our bedroom and make out and stuff.

It ended when my father got divorced again and I didn't get to see her at all.

I had almost forgotten her but then recently we met at a party.She was now 13 and me 18, at first she acted all mean but whenever her friends who she was with at that party she would talk slowly and give me that lustful look she once gave me thus my feelings for reawakened.

Honestly I wanna f*** real good but I feel like she is too young but I can't hold myself anymore.

Should I let her be or should we finish what we started.

I know where she lives and once went there and my ex step mom was still loving and caring as ever and said I can come over whenever I please.

What would you do if you were in my shoes

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