Me And My Female Cousin Pat Were Both 14

Me and my female cousin Pat were both 14 . We were very close friends . On thinking about it .

She was atractive with a perfect figure . I just never thought of her in that way .

We were in my house , my parent were at work .

Pat walked up to me , put her arms round me and kissed me .

We had kissed when we were much younger . Playing truth or dare . This time it wa a real kiss .

Without thinking wa kissing her .

With my arms round her .She was sticking her tongue in my mouth . I was getting aroused .

I put my hands on her butt and held her close .

Then she told me that he had wanted to pluck up the courage to do this , for a long time .

She loved me . It made me want her . I squeezed her butt . She squeezed mine .

Then i tried lifting the back of her dress . She let me do it .

I lifted it up to her neck hanging it over her shoulders . The front of it had lifted .

Exposing her panties . I put my hand on her bare back , and unfastened her bra .

When he let me do this , i tried lifting the front of her dress and taking it off over her head .

By now i had forgotten that she was my cousin Pat . She was a sexy girl .

I slipped her bra off her shoulders , and looked at her boobs . They were perfect .

She was stnding in jut her panties . She was struggling to undo the top of my shorts .

I moved away to give her more room . She let my shorts drop to the floor . My penis was erect .

Pat put her hand down to touch it . I put my hand in her panties . Her pussy was wet .

I pulled her panties down , and took my shirt off .

We hugged and kissed .i enjoyed the feel of her naked body prssing against me .

Not wanting to make the first move , i waited fingering her pussy and sicking her nipples .

Pat said shall we go upstairs .

We locked the doors , picked up our clothes and went to her room .We lay on the bed kissing and touching each other .

I moved down to lick her pussy, and use my fingers on her .

She asked me not to stop what i was doing . Then she was vaving an orgasm .

After this she said i could fuck her . As long as i was careful not to cum in her pussy .

From that day , until she got married . We fucked when we could .

We kissed and touched each other , if we could . Even when our parents were at home .

We would go to our bedroom . She let me rub her clit to give her an orgasm .

She made me cum in my pants . No one ever found out about us , even our close friends never knew .

We got together for sex , until she got married . My fiance never knew .

Sadly when she got married , they moved hundreds of miles away . For her husbands work .

I have not seen her since that day .

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