After Being Masturbated To My First Orgasm

As an 11 year old . After being masturbated to my first orgasm .

Then masturbating my friend to his first orgasm . Then us masturbating each other for a few weeks .

I was kneeling between his legs to masturbate him .

I had read in a magazine , that talked about oral sex . I wanted to suck him .

I went down on his penis . He gave me a funny look .

Then when i was sliding my mouth up and down him , and using my tongue .

I could see that he was enjoying it . It did not take long for him to cum in my mouth .

As a reaction i swallowed . I sked him to do it for me . He sucked and licked , making me cum .

He swallowed . For weeks we masturbated each other , and gave each other blow jobs .

One day in his house , he told me he wanted to try something new .

He wanted to try being fucked in his butt . At first i said no , but je kept asking .

In the end i said yes . We were both naked . He had some vaseline .

He smeared it on my penis , and round his butt hole .

Bending over a chair , he asked me to slide in to him . I was still not sure . He asked me again .

I put my penis between his butt cheeks , and pushed it in . I liked it , i was fucking his butt .

When i wanted to cum . I grabbed hold of his hips , to pull him close . Pumping my cum in to him .

When he had whiped his butt and my penis . He wanted to do it to me .

He told me to bend over the chair . He put vaseline on his penis .

Then he was smearing it on my butt .

Pushing his fingers in to me , i enjoyed that , it gave me a tingling sensation in my penis .

He slid in to me , i was enjoying the feeling . I knew he was going to cum .

When he grabbed my hips , and pushed deeper . I could feel him cumming .

From that day it was blow jobs or fucking butts .

One day in the summer , when we could not use our houses . We wanted to suck each other .

We went in to the local wood . Finding a secluded place , away from the main paths .

He dropped his shorts . I kneeled down to suck him . We found this exciting , to do it outsid .

After he had cum , i stood up and dropped my shorts .

I must add that i hav always been tall , over six three by my 13th birthday .

As i was cumming in his mouth . I heard a girl shouting to me .

She was walking through the bushes . When she rached us , i was still cumming .

She saw what we were doing . She was one of our friends , she was our age .

She wanted to know what we were doing . She wanted us to show her . We had both cum .

I told her that we could not do it again . She insisted . Wanting to keep her quiet .

I told her to come round to my house th next morning , and she could watch .

If she agreed not to say anything to anyone . That was another experience .

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