But I Know You Like Her, And I’M Happy For You


I never thought of liking someone in internet, I mean, I know how it hurts, and you'll get nothing but overthink and insecurities.

Then, I met him, he does LITERALLY NOTHING but whenever I saw his name, I smile.

A lot of girls like him, at first I was like, why do they like someone they can't even see?

And then, out of nowhere, I liked you. But I know you like her, and I'm happy for you.

I will still support you mo matter what happens.

It's just sad, that I can't interact with you bcs you're not active anymore.

I'm still sending you messages through your sayout tho, bcs I'm shy and scared, that you might ignore me if I send you personal message.

I promise myself, that I'll move on, and the last time I'll message you something is about of me, thanking you bcs you became part of my life.

It's about me, saying good bye, and how grateful I am to you, even though you barely noticed me, I'm still happy and will continue to support you.

See you in other lifetime, my moon?

But before that, in this lifetime, you'll become one of the lessons in my life.

Dream high, and I hope you will always do your best. Paalam, buwan ko.

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