Have A Few Things I Wish To Say About Stuff I Did In And**Son Primary School Sg

Have a few things i wish to say about stuff i did in And**son primary school SG.

First i wish i knew better than to bully some kid whose name was something like Ke Sheng.

So if you somehow sees this Ke Sheng: i'm sorry i did that to you.

Secondly there was a day when i agreed to date some girl whose name was something like Min Ru.

We literally lost all contact the next day and I feel kinda disturbed that I never officially broke up with her.

I get it's not a big deal since we were very young and it's been so so many years, but if you somehow see this Min Ru, i'm officially breaking up with you.

Yeah it's strange that i'm even still thinking about this but just wanted to put it out there on the internet.

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