She Is Perfect In My Eyes

My heart has always belonged to only one, and i married her when i was very young.

She is perfect in my eyes. Of course she got me. I’m keeping a distance from them now.

But she still loves me. I’ll never understand why.

Why would a perfect creation of God choose me? I’m like the opposite of that.

If I had just deserved her. Ahhh. I guess Adeles songs have me melancholy. No.

I’m melancholy and that’s what drew me to Adeles songs. She’s quite amazing in her own right.

Oh I don’t know her obviously. But she vocalizes what I’m feeling right now.

Such a perfect voice. She uses that voice to help others. I just read & learned about her.

She bares her soul in her songs, to the point it hurts me to listen. I want to help her.

So she fell in love at 18. He broke her heart at 20? She still longs for him.

I would lie to her & tell her to get over it, except I dont see how a person gets over true love.

I can’t even phantom it. That’s because it’s true love. But I think I can help her.

I doubt she reads stuff depressed people write anonymously.

I think millions of us have been helped by Adele. But does anyone help Adele? She’s human also.

Just a person. So i’ll try. See I’m blessed. My wife still loves me.

But has anyone tried to help Adele? The person crying on the radio?

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