Homeschooling..Feeling Left Behind

Homeschooling..feeling left behind

I was homeschooled since 7th grade when the pandemic hit, it was easy for me since I was an introvert and I had 2 friends who lived nearby and I was contented with just that.

Recently though I’ve been struggling…

I am currently in the 10th grade and about to go into 11th, but I was supposed to be in the 11th grade about 3 months ago…I got held back but still have a chance to graduate and move to the next level.

I’m just a little bit scared tho…I hope my school doesn’t tell me I’ll be held back a year it scares me a lot right now and I can’t share this with my family since I can’t rely on them…

It’s so embarrassing to my friends from my old school who were my batchmates…I’m not learning anything from my homeschooling I can say that I don’t intake any knowledge from my lessons at all and I don’t want my friends to find out because well…I don’t even know the simple stuff…Also, they’re all in the 11th grade now but I’m still in the 10th, I mean I’ll graduate but still, it’s embarrassing that I haven’t…I feel like a failure…

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