I Saw Them, I Have Been Suspicious Of My Brother And Mother When I Saw Him Touching His Mothers Bottom And Giving Her A Playfull Smack On Her On Her Bottom And The Long Lingering Kisses On Her Lips Before One Of Them Went Out, They Were Kissing With There Mouths Wide Open, We Have Always Kissed Our Parents On The Mouth But Only Briefly I Admit I Did Enjoy It And It Made Me Feel Horny, I Notices This After I Had Been Away At College, One Day I Was Going Out Saturday Morning I Said By To Mum And My Brother Who Were At The Breakfast Table When I Realised I Hadn’T Got My Purse It Took Me A Few Minutes To Find It As I Passed The Kitchen I Saw My Brother Sat At The Table And My Mum Stood Next To Him He Had His Hand Up The Leg Of Her Shorts Groping Her Bottom, I Couldn’T Believe It Until He Pulled Mums Shorts Down He Took His Pj Bottoms Off And Fucked My Mum Over The Kitchen Table I Know I Shouldn’T Have But I Kept Watching His Dick Thrusting In And Out Of My Mum, I Was Jealous I Wanted What Mum Was Getting Because He Had Had Me Many Times Before I Went To College, I Would Soon Put That Right

I Saw Them,
I have been suspicious of my brother and mother when i saw him touching his mothers bottom and giving her a playfull smack on her on her bottom and the long lingering kisses on her lips before one of them went out, they were kissing with there mouths wide open, we have always kissed our parents on the mouth but only briefly i admit i did enjoy it and it made me feel horny, I notices this after i had been away at college, one day i was going out Saturday morning i said by to mum and my brother who were at the breakfast table when i realised i hadn't got my purse it took me a few minutes to find it as i passed the kitchen i saw my brother sat at the table and my mum stood next to him he had his hand up the leg of her shorts groping her bottom, i couldn't believe it until he pulled mums shorts down he took his PJ bottoms off and fucked my mum over the kitchen table i know i shouldn't have but i kept watching his dick thrusting in and out of my mum, I was jealous i wanted what mum was getting because he had had me many times before i went to college, i would soon put that right.

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