I Mean Look At Me Now, Im Loving Myself

Oh fuck it.

He's not going to find this and I'm probably wasting my time cause I have other things I need to do now that are so much more important that this.

I've spent my more elementary with you and now where on freaking highschool and we've never even talked once.

i might have looked like a mutated pig all those years but I WAS cute in some ways.

i mean look at me now, Im loving myself. it takes me hours to look at the mirror.

I'm here to confess for that 2 damn puberty years of my life(5-6 or 4-6idk) I've kinda liked you…

idk if I'm just gastlighting myself cause there was no other decent guy other than yourself (except his other cute friend) but i swear im not(I've spent another 2 years in the pandemic debating about it) he's smart and out of my league, he's deffinetly not going to the same school as me(bitch or so i thought..

although im still not sure i just found out about it) i was AN INCH into finally texing him to confess cause lifes short what do i have left??

then he's in the freaking school im in?!

thank heavens i haven't confessed or i probably facemask my entire face.

he's not even that cute and if i get asked why do i like him and what are his red flags, i couldn't say anything.

is he just so perfect?? im not sure, but is he just like the love of my life Tom Hiddleston?

not close but practically, Yes.

and is he funny athletic smart kind and still cute even when hes all sweaty?(it was pe.

dont judge, everyone looked anyway.

he took his shirt off too.*unfortunately he had a t-shirt below it.) Although i think i have a crush on his best friend too but Anyways, IS HIS BIRTHDAY JUST A DAY AFTER MY FATHERS BIRTHDAY??!!

HELL FUCKING YEAHHH omg its like destiny.

also forgot to mention there's this bitch who also likes him now but they're anonymous so idk and they quoted "*crushes name so there someone else now??" So fuck me i have 2 rivals, one who likes him and one he *probably likes.

i think hes into white girls with chonky boobs and ass but i hope not cause i ain't got even one.

so basically im relaying on my looks and that's about it.

i haven't seen him at school YET but i hope not and hope to see him AHHHH I DONT KNOW.

Ive felt this way before too when i created my imaginary boyfriend(i need a psychiatrist but im too poor) OMG WAIT HES I FORGOT TO MENTION HES PROBABLY RICH TOO AHHHH WIN WIN I SEE NO DISADVANTAGESSS Anyways, is he perfect?

not, but do i see him as my husband?

still no but do i think of having se- weirdly no~ but do i sometimes put his last name to mines AHHHH HEHEHE YES.

i just read and oh fuck me, what have i gotten myself into i do love him, what an idiot.

im a stupid idiot.
Good day and i hope your lovelife goes well who ever reads this.

and hope for the best for me too.

(im gonna start imagining what our babies will look like) oh i am weird maybe that's why he doesn't talk to me.
omg i dont even wanna mention it.

i have this hair plucking thing and he was seated next to me and got disgusted. T-T

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