I Remember Why I Hate Governments So Much

I remember why I hate governments so much.

I remember when it started, and I hope it ends, because it might begin to hurt the people around me.

I was a small boy growing up in a country in eastern Europe and I was aspiring to be a marine biologist.

Then, my government turned more corrupt and more terrible than it ever was before.

I began to hate all governments more and more to the point where now I do not even know which are and which aren't corrupt.

For me some are more and some are less.

I would like to assure the reader that I am not a terrorist or kamikaze or stuff like that.

I am completely against violence like that but every couple years it feels like I drift into some form of extremism ever more than before.

I do not mind this if it is as passive as it is now, which it is not by some's standards, however if it continues into something more sinister, well, I might just consider doing some awful things.

I don't want to do these things. I am crying as of writing this very sentence.

I hope I can find some closure or answers in this website.

I try my best to help the people around me but once other's problems start to seem more and more like mine, I do not know how to fix said problems as I still have the same.

I will not accept drugs or medical fixes to this problem as in some cases such as anti-deppressants, they may cause more.

If you understand or have gone through this, please, really do help me out.

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