Finally Watched Your Fb Video Today From A Few Days Ago

Peach fitted knit dress,
there is a space between
the top button
and the next one,
which is where
I want my heart and lips to be.

Never expected to feel this way about you beautiful.

Finally watched your Fb video today from a few days ago.

Which is you basically hinting that 3 of the songs in my dreams, not written by you per se, were still the Universe leading me back to you via your favorite cover, not funny smarty pants.üòâ Well let me just state for the record, I do not choose the songs that cue in my dreams, that is the angels job.

It is how they communicate to me, drop hints regarding premonitions or upcoming events/people/places/things and awaken me from my dreams.

Sometimes I get the whole song, or a line of a lyric or just a chorus.

It depends on the message they choose to convey. Every day it is different. No bs.

Whether you believe it or not it has been this way for six years since my car accident.

I cannot control the Dreamtune songs that wake me from my slumber.

Apparently, well at least for 38 days all songs were leading to you.

In retrospect, that is probably my fault because I prayed for you that day intensely.

Three times.

Did a little distant pranic healing work on you and may have not decorded

Ps: My apologies for the invite on short notice to the event, I did not realize you reside on the West Coast now.

I sent you two messages via Instagram but the controlling 3rd party got so jealous they blocked my account while traveling and I could not reach you.

My cyberstalker is obsessive, so just know I am not neglectful of you. I do think of you.

My communications get blocked or intercepted. Seriously, they try to keep me isolated all the time.

Text me 2 dates & times I can consistently reach you, we can set up a zoom or call me when in doubt, esp if you have not received a response from me…lol…who am I kidding.

I have to get over this.Let it go, let it go…

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