I Mean, Like Leopard Size Which Seems What It Was

Had a dream that I was sleeping, go figure, dream that you’re sleeping, anyway, something was next to my back, woke up, it’s was a big cat.

I mean, like Leopard size which seems what it was.

The big cat must have been snoozing too, cause it woke up too immediately, must have sensed something, took off running away from me, like it was scared.

Next thing I know I’m in a forest somewhere with a British Mauser rifle, the 303 one, hunting that cat.

Going to kill it.

I’ve got nothing on cats big or small, don’t mind them at all, so this death stalk for the cat that could have killed me don’t get it at all.

Don’t know, if it does have meaning, too ignorant to figure it out.

It was just a dream, nonsense. Dreams are images in the mind, images are false, not real.

Dreams could be nothing more than imagination conjured up mentally same as imagining a happening you never did.

False reality. That’s what it was.

Just figured it out, my mind played tricks on me while sleeping.

So forget about it, it was just a dream.

Didn’t kill the cat either, dream ended like that, me hunting the cat in the forest.

I can still see myself walking hunting the cat, dream ends that way.

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