I Always Love My Parents

Sorry for my bad english,i always love my parents but they I don’t know why i don’t get it back especially towards my father.He is there for financial support but never emotionally support me.I appreciate what he did for me from i was a kid but whenever i did something wrong he always scold me and i don’t have any problem with someone correcting me.He has a right to scold me but the way he scold me is kinda like insulting him maybe its just nothing and he thought he gave a good adviced but for me,its just straight up insulting.everytime i think im getting closer to my father,he did things that made me getting futher away from him.Im not comfortable to casually talk to him.He always said thing like it is easy to do like my study and such.he always said the classic back in the day he is poor and life is hard and i didn’t understand him but i can say the same thing.He don’t understand what im going through as a student,as a human living in this time.Its just sucks man..all i want is a lovely family where we can all sit and have a nice conversation.I can never talk to my father for advice because everytime i ask anything,at least he will give an honest and useful tips and things to say but eventually it will turn out to be a lecture and just say things that hurt me..

my father have a shop and i personally don’t like working there,so something I don’t know the price and just sell least i didn’t sell higher price that it should’ve been.but my father always scold me and told me to be more cautious and should know all the like,first im not comfortable to do this job and didn’t even like it.second,i currently study in university and i have a bunch of things to memorize and learn and like always…

he just said that its easy and i can do both study and taking care of the shop.even I don’t like taking care of the shop i still do it out of respect and love to my parent but got treated the opposite.No wonder why it is normal for people to be more attached to their friend than their parent because at least friends know how to appreciate you…at least in my case.I hope things can be better and thankyou to the people that read this and i hope this situation doesn’t happen to you <3

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