I Just Turned 27 And Am 5’7&Quot;, 148 Lbs

Although I'm embarrassed by my submission this is something that is so humiliating I can't tell anyone and am fearful people I know would find out about.

Peggy is my fathers 2nd wife and I lived with her and my father between the age of 8 until I was 13 when my father died.

My mother and I didn't get along after that and when I was 18 I moved back in with Peggy because the house my father left in his will had both my name and Peggy's name on the title.

At 19 to get away from her I joined the Coast Guard and was away for 4 years.

My mother had died a year before I got out so because the house was half mine I moved back in with Peggy, got a job as a union laborer and was out of the house most of the time.

So far I have failed to mention that Peggy is a dominant psychopath who routinely humiliated and abused me the years I lived with her and my father.

I actually still fear her yet have allowed her to intimidate me to the point where I comply with her wishes.

I just turned 27 and am 5'7", 148 lbs. Peggy is 58 just under 6' well over 200 lbs.

Since Covid 19 took over and I lost my job last March I have gradually succumbed to her dominance over me.

She treats me like the kid I was years ago.

The first time was the end of last March when she threw me on the floor and with out warning pulled down both my shorts and underwear and commenced beating my ass with a dust brush.

This is hard for me to admit but I openly cried from not only the pain but the embarrassment.

Over the next month or 6 weeks I little by little gave in to her demands and found myself just obeying her.

She began supervising my existence even when I showered and allowed me no privacy.

By the middle of July I could only wear boxer shorts around the house and at least once a week I was beaten with a belt and made to strip naked.

She made me shower in her presence and would use the shower handle to spray the soap off me.

She began making me open my legs wide and spray my genitals which caused me to get erections.

That's when she began making me masturbate in front of her.

In August one night after I showered she made me lay nude on my bed and first cut my pubic hair then shaved me there and shaved the hair I had on my chest and underarms.

This is done now once a week and afterwards I roll over and she beats me with the belt.

In September was the first time she actually jerked me off and does this now every time she shaves me.

Even though she jerks me off I still have to roll over to be spanked with that damn belt.

In the shower I have to masturbate myself every night.

Sometimes she smacks my face for no reason and just put up with it.

I can't explain why I never do anything to stop this but feel now I'm just as crazy as she is for letting her do this to me.

I never thought of myself as a wimp but I just let her control me.

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