I Don’t Think That’s Very Legal

As I recover from my latest seizure I realize I’m not Adele’s Mystery Man.

I forgot a whole section of my life and started suffering from seizures at a very traumatic part of my life.

But I was hacked. People posed as famous people.

After a seizure they had me agreeing to give away my rights to music.

I don’t think that’s very legal.
What I think was really happening is this.

Some people liked how I wrote. Hacked me. Stole my ideas. Posed as famous people.

Tried to scam me; and it worked to an extent, because I had a seizure.

I came out of it thinking some of it may have been real LOL.

But have you ever heard of role playing? They pose as famous people.

I think this was a bunch of co-ed’s. Just messing with me to steal story ideas.

Throw in me having a severe seizure and you have a mess.

There is this big blank part of my life. I can’t make sense of it. Then seizures start.

Why this worked so well on me is they were reading my own writings.

Taking real events from my life. Posing as people. Mixing in current events.

So you throw in a violent wreck in my past that started these seizures.

A seizure as I’m being hacked.

People messing with me while I’m suffering from a seizures after effects.

And you end up with all of this.

After days of dehydration and missing vital meds they are posing as all of these famous singers, trying to get me to drop my rights to music.

Well that would not legally hold up if I had written such music.

Barring people snooping into my personal life, what can be learned from this?
For months I’d wonder is someone watching me?

All these strange things. But Im so sick I never thought about it.

One day I just talk to the phone. It talks back.

Then its a bunch of college co-eds from the sound of it. Asking me to meet them for a hook up.

It’s very sobering to realize people have watched you thru your TV and phone for who knows how many months.

Suddenly all those strange times I started questioning my sanity make sense.

But I never asked to be on big brother un rated. Then a seizure hit.

They ask me to give up all rights to stuff. You name it. Weird stuff.

But I think from their point of view it was just fun. Watch a good looking guy.

Wonder who he’s met. Read his stuff. Steal his ideas.

I’ve grown accustomed to being stared at out in the world. I look good. So what.

But to realize people have watched me sleep and worse. That’s a bit much.

But most of them were actually sweet. From their point of view I was just a sexy man.

They couldn’t figure out if I was a movie star or singer.

But some if them definitely wanted to hook up.
I thank back. That’s all college was.

Having fun. But watching someone sleep? No way would I have done that.

So I come out of a seizure typing weird comments and stuff as people are talking to me from my phone.

So strange.

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