Information That You Only Told Her

I confess that I'm starting to hate my best friend for legit reasons.

You ever had to defend yourself against rumors that you didn't know the root of until everyone, and I mean after you've exhausted all of your resources to go make sure you've got the right one and find out that its been your best friend the whole time?

But you suck it up, they are your friend, they have been your friend for the longest of time; why would they do something like that to you?

Ignoring that one little hiccup, you find out that she's been venting ABOUT YOU to other people.

Information that you only told her. Everyone can't tell the same lie.

She's been telling everyone about what a bitch I am, and it baffles me when someone tells me "Oh you're not at all like what Rosaline said." Why are you telling people and future boyfriends this?

She uses the line "I've known her longer than you, I'm her best friend of almost 20 years I trump you.

I know the side of her that you don't" And it pains me when I have to calmly ask her what her deal is.

Its never something I've done wrong, its her not liking people around me, or liking that I make friends easier than she does.

Its hurtful to know that you've invested in a person for some time now and to know either they secretly hate you or they just can't stand the thought of you possibly being somewhere where they can't get to, or too afraid to go to.

I hate that she uses "anxiety" to explain away why she can't deal with her kid.

Her "anxiety" makes her curse and scream at the child.

She will start a fight with you, and then when you bite back, "I can't deal with this, my anxiety doesn't like confrontation." If she's not in a group chat with guys that she knows worship her "Her anxiety" but she'll bully the ones that do want to hang out with her, because "They are dumb" and then when they no longer wish for her company, she gets angrier and goes on rampage.

I'm convinced that maybe she's drifted far enough away that I can see what she's doing now from an outside perspective and that before all of this began, she was doing this and I was blinded by friendship and happiness and kumbayah…

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