I Feel So Stupid But Loved Every Minute Of It

I feel so stupid but loved every minute of it.

Last year I met this guy online who was in the army and overseas.

We talked a lot and even had cyber sex you know.

So, anyway, he convinced me to meet guys and have sex with them and then send him pictures and videos.

I did. It was always black guys. I had never been with a black guy before.

It started with 1, then 2, and eventually 3 at once.

A total of 9 black guys in all over a period of like 3 months.

Anyway, I sent the videos and then he just stopped responding.

After a few months a friend of mine told me that he had seen a video of me on the internet.

Sure enough he posted the videos. At first I was mortified that like my parents would find out.

They never did but who knows if they ever will.

I was so stupid but I look back on it now and really enjoyed it. Well that is my confession.

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