But My Former Best Friend Loves Him Too

I love this guy. But my former best friend loves him too.

And instead of being a good friend, I fell in love with him too.

At first, I tried to hide the feelings, since my she crushed on him first.

But later on, I backstabbed her and manipulated her.

I spread exaggerated rumors about her, and he stopped talking to her.

He blocked her on every single social media platform.

My former best friend doesn't know that I did it.

Until one day basically she called me when I was with my crush and he kind of screamed at her on the phone for bullying me.

And she was totally confused (I had told my crush that she would constantly humiliate me online for being close with him).

She then began to put the pieces together and realized that I was the one who brought her down into humiliation at school.

I unfollowed her on most of the social media platforms.

And also, my crush told me that he will make her life a living hell next year(I won't be there Im transferring schools).

And the problem is, I don't feel an ounce of remorse.

All I feel is that i'm proud of myself because he chose me in the end.

We kind of have a sort of mutual understanding. Am I a phsycopath?

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