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    I Was 12 , I Had Been Masturbating For A Year

    I was 12 , i had been masturbating for a year . One day i was walking with two11 year old girls , we were going to a place where we went with our friends . I was surrounded by bushes , very secluded . We arrived there , sat on the grass and talked […] More

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    I Squirted For The First Time Good In A Year Masturbating

    I squirted for the first time good in a year masturbating. I used to squirt all the time masturbating. I was mentally abused and left on the toilet floor to piss my ass off masturbating day in and out wish toxic things on people after they abused me. I really wanted a first-time real boyfriend […] More

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    But My Former Best Friend Loves Him Too

    I love this guy. But my former best friend loves him too. And instead of being a good friend, I fell in love with him too. At first, I tried to hide the feelings, since my she crushed on him first. But later on, I backstabbed her and manipulated her. I spread exaggerated rumors about […] More

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    Went To A Known Cruising Stop At Night, Rte

    Went to a known cruising stop at night, rte. 140 in Massachusetts. Parked in the rest area and saw a black Jeep with a blond guy stroking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen personally. I went to him and stroked it for him a few times then fell to my knees and started sucking it! […] More

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    She Never Woke Up Or Moved A Muscle

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking a lot of scotch and water. She would always want me to dance with her in the kitchen very late at night telling me how much I'm like my father. Late one night I found Mom drunk passed out cold sleeping on the […] More