I Like Being Naked With Girls And Sleeping Naked With A Girl

Our company bought a one year plan to the gym that was put in in the first floor, for employee use.

I liked working out and used the gym at seven in the morning, showered and was at my desk at eight.

I love being in shape and have a thing for the female form.

I like being naked with girls and sleeping naked with a girl.

I don't consider myself gay, it's just that the male physique is a turn off.

In my workout room is a PT named Melanie.

A magazine beauty, amazing tits and ass, and legs and abs, and face and hair.

In the shower she flirted with me and one morning she showed up with totally smooth baked pussy.

I had to stare.

While I was putting my shoes on she walked over, took my face in her hands and said 'how about a kiss on the lips' and shoved my face into her crotch.

She smelled of working out sweat, my mouth opened wide to take in her complete pussy.

I had never had sex hunger before, I fell to my knees and ate her till she couldn't stand any more.

At that hour there were other women in the dressing room, including sone coworkers.

The PT was out and considered herself butch. She wanted me to kiss her lips and that's what I did.

I proved to my office that the PT was lesbian, and I got the same label.

I couldn't take my face away when she wanted to kiss me, or her hand off my chest.

I kissed her pussy till she orgasmed, hung out with her on weekends and helped her do laundry.

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