To Show To Women I Suppose

A few years ago I needed some photos made of my genitalia and some artsy poses.

To show to women I suppose. I was 23 at the time and lived in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

I'm pretty well endowed fortunately.

Well, a female friend suggested an old guy named Steve she had used to make photos for her.

He had a lot of photos posted on Flickr and I liked what I saw on his site.

We made contact and agreed to meet at my friend's house. She let us in and left to run errands.

I stripped down and he admitted that my penis was impressive and that his was very small.

As the photo session progressed, I told him I wanted some detailed close up shots of my penis.

I sat in a chair and he got on his knees and got close for the photos.

I started to get erect and my penis bumped his face.

He seemed a bit shocked and what I did next shocked me.

I told him to put the camera down and taste my penis. He was hesitant but he licked the pee hole.

I was throbbing by then and told him to open his mouth. He did and in went my penis.

I said suck it. He did. In less than a minute I sent a load of semen down his throat.

We hardly spoke after that. He seemed embarrassed and ashamed.

Since that first time with that amateur photographer, I've had several old closeted males service my penis.

Kind of a power trip having the old generation kowtow to me.

I wonder if Steve ever sucked another penis?

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