One Day When We Were Both 13

One day when we were both 13 .

I walked in on my cousin Mel standing naked having a wash .We had always been friends .

When i saw her body , i had an erection . She walked up to me and kissed me , i kissed her .

Grabbing her butt i pull her close . We went to the lounge and sat on the sofa , talking .

Then kissing , my hand was feeling her breasts .

She took hold of my hand and put it between her legs .

Then she asked if i masturbated and when did i have my first orgasm .

So i told her that ihad been sitting inmy friends house when i was 11 .

Sitting talking to his 17 year old brother , while i waited for him to come home .

His brother had not said anything . He pulled my jeans down , and started to play with my Penis .

When it was hard , he started to masturbate me . Giving me my first orgasm .

So i asked her the same question .She told me that she masturbated , but usually her and her younger friend Sue would masturbate each other .

She asked if she could make me have an orgasm . I lay back and let her do it .

I was so excited that i was soon cumming , on her hand and my stomach .

She was looking at my cum , and dipping her fingers in it to taste it .

Then she asked me to give her an orgasm . So i was rubbing her Vagina .

She asked me to lick her and push my fingers in to her Vagina .

I was in heaven licking and fingering a girl . Then she had an orgasm .

After this we both dressed . She told me that the following morning she would visit my house .

Our parents all worked . In the morning she turned up at my house , her friend Sue was with her .

Mel asked to go to my bedroom . When we were there , she told me to undress .

Then she told me to kiss and undress Sue . Mel undressed while watching me .

Then she asked me to lick Sue's Vagina . But not use my fingers .

While i was licking , Mel was rubbing Sue on her clitoris . Then Sue had an orgasm .

Next Mel was kneeling on the bed , asking me to fuck her .

Sue helped to guide me in to Mela Vagina . I was fucking Mel . It felt good , my first fuck .

She told me not to cum . So i was holding back .

When i told her i was nearly cumming , she told me to pull out and not cum .

Then she told Sue to kneel on the Bed , so that i could fuck her . She was nice and wet .

Mel guided me in to Sue . Then she told me that i could cum inside her .

Sue had no pubic hair and just small puffy nipples . She was tight , wet , and warm .

It did not take me long to cum .

It was amazing thrusting deep in to Sue , holding her hips and puulling her towards me .

When i pulled out , Mel wanted to lick Sue's Vagina .

She was licking her , swallowing my cum and Sues juices . When Sue had an orgasm .

Mel wanted me to lick her and finger fuck her to orgasm .

She later told me that her and Sue had pushed things in to each others Vaginas .

After this we would all get togther and fuck , when ever we could .

For another year i could always cum inside Sues Vagina . Then she had a period .

So i would pull out . Having a blow job .

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