I Am An Age 14 Female

I am an age 14 female.

I've had one crush and it was in kindergarten about some random kid, and it was not a serious crush.

I do not think that I have ever had any romantic feelings for somebody.

I do not know if I have just not met anybody that interests me at all, or if I might be aromantic and/or asexual, or maybe something else.

Since I am only 14, I do not know if it is the right time to make that assumption.

I think that my parents would be supportive if I came out as maybe a lesbian, but they, or at least my mom, thinks that bisexual people are mostly gay people who have not fully come to terms with themselves.

I am worried that they might have a sort of similar opinion on aromantics and/or asexuals being people that just haven't had a crush yet.

Again, I do not even know if that is my sexuality, or if I really just haven't met a person I like.

When some of my other friends are talking about crushes, they ask me if I have one, and when I say "no" they sometimes ask, "Who have you had a crush on?" I always feel really awkward when I say that I haven't had one, not even a celebrity crush.

For like the third time, I'm not sure if it's just my age, if I am aromantic and/or asexual, if I just haven't met someone I'd have a crush on yet, or something completely different.

That kind of scares me.

I don't want to go around for months, or possibly years, thinking that I am weird for not having a crush, or end up coming out as aromantic/asexual and then have a crush a few weeks or months after that.

I'd like to add that if I do end up with somebody at some point, I'd like them to be someone that you can always be yourself around, kind of like a best friend.

I do not know if you can comment on these, but if you can, could somebody please give me some advice!

I'm not sure what to do, and I'm to nervous to talk to my friends (some of which have come out at some point as either gay/lesbian or bisexual) and I am never talking about this with my family unless I am 100% sure.

Please help if it is possible!!

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