I Always Believed That I’M Not Normal

I always believed that I'm not normal. I've commited a lot of sins my whole life.

Sins that can't be undone, and most of them I have no regrets,

First of all, when I was, like, six or seven, my female cousin used me to give herself pleasure.

I didn't know anything about sex or porn, so I dind't understand anything.

I've discovered masturbation when I was, like, 10 or 11, I don't remember exactly, but since then, I couldn't stop.

And it only got worse.

I've masturbated to friends, I regret doing it for some of them, not only because of the act but because of the respect I have for them.

I tried to look for new manners to get horny and when I realised, I was sticking things into my ass.

At the same time, I started to wear my sister's clothes, use her cosmetics and masturbate with them.

I've started to fuck her dolls and cum inside them, all of that when I was alone, of course.

And trust me, I have no sexual thoughts about anyone in my family, I just…

like doing these things.

And today, when I jack off, I not only touch my dick, but I stick things into my ass, fondle my nipples and I can even suck my own cock, a thing that I really love to do and feel.

The sensation of my dick inside my own mouth, cumming over and over again, I even like to record myself doing these kind of things.

My porn addiction is getting worse, maybe because I'm not jacking off for a while, but when I do, I want to find new things.

I used to hurt animals in the past, but I don't do it anymore.

I hurt my cats, but I regret everything I did fo them and now I love animals.

Sometimes my other female cousin comes to my house and I just want to fuck her with every single part of me, make her cum over and over again, till she gets weak.

But now I can't and the only thing I can is jack off. And this isn't anything.

I've already harassed girls, I've rubbed my cock on some of them, and I could only masturbate remembering the sensation of feeling my hand or my dick on their asses.

I don't do this anymore, but I still want to.

And now I want to fuck underage girls (14 or above to be more specific) like if it was my last day on earth and cum inside them, but I know that's wrong.

I think I was always a strange person.

This is it. This is all I have to confess.

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