Probably Just Self Assured And Has A Handle Of Herself

My cousin of the opposite sex, and I, Snapchat almost daily, often through selfies.

Does that stand out to anyone?

Would you do that with your own cousin?

To be clear, it's usually pretty normal conversation, but she has included me in her group of people who she sends "glamor poses" to for confidence boosts- as in, I told her once "damn, sorry but you look gorgeous" and it was readily welcomed.

I tried to justify it out of sheepishness and her only response was "you can say whatever you want to me, all my friends do 🤣" but I just take it as being friendly.

Especially because she's a really solid intelligent person.

Probably just self assured and has a handle of herself.

But how would any of you view that?

Your cousin of the opposite sex sending selfies almost daily, even specifically to you as form of communication.

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