I Sent My Nudes To Strangers In A Random Whatsapp Group

I sent my nudes to strangers in a random WhatsApp group.

I was quite horny at the time and wanted to do something naughty.

So I googled some WhatsApp group links and joined the first one I found.
The group was filled with mostly Indian men either asking for porn videos or sending invitation links to other groups.

Several minutes after joining, I got DMS from guys asking about me and stuff.
I scrolled through my gallery to find the photo which my ex had taken back when we were dating and loaded it up on WhatsApp.

It was a butt pic and I even put an enticing bit of text to accompany it.
I felt my heart racing as I contemplated sending it.

About 200 men were in the group and I was going to show them my body.

Anyway, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and did it.

My other hand immediately went to my pussy I started getting DMS as well as replies in the group which I tried my best to respond to while fingering myself.

Screenshot of the group convo:

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