I’M A Forty Something Married Woman In London

I'm a forty something married woman in London.

The other day whilst I was travelling to work on the underground I suddenly felt the man standing behind me in the rush hour crush, pressing up against my backside.

With the pressure of the crowded carriage, I was unable to move.

After a while of pressing and moving against me.

The chap, probably in his late thirties or early forties, also reached down and I could feel him moving his hand.

No one seemed to notice anything unusual as he unfastenedhis flies.

Next he took hold of my hand and before I knew it I had his erect cock in my hand.

I was so shocked and embarressed I didn't say anything.

letting him rub his erection to and fro in my hand, until I felt him sort of tense and his cock throb and the next thing that I knew I felt a sticky mess in the palm of my hand!

Just then, the train entered the next station and the man whispered "Thank you" and got off.
Leaving me to wipe his climax off my hand!

The strange thing was I actually felt turned on and excited by the experience.

No one seemed tpo have noticed and I felt sort of flattered that the man had, in a carriage with plenty of other women standing crushed up, that he chose me.

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