My Father Has Another Wife So I Don’T Actually Care About Him

I want to die. I hate everything now.

My father has another wife so i don't actually care about him.

I cared about my mother but she has been alcoholic since i was around 7y/o( now I'm 19y/o).

The amount she drinks now is overwhelming. Thing she do right after waking up is drink alcohol.

She consume around 10 glass daily. I have tried everything to help her but nothing helped.

I wanted to leave her and leave alone but i have a sister of 5y/o.

I can't leave her in the hand of alcoholic with no caring father.

And my mother doesn't allow to take my sister to live with me. It has affected my mental health.

I'm in depression. I used to think i will do something big in my future .

But I'm mentally unstable to do anything now. I want to rest for eternity.

Only thing that's holding me is my sister.

Without her i wouldn't have been writing this confession.

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