My Sister And I Share A House And A Bed, She Has Been Here For A While Now, And It Doesn,T Look Like She Is Leaving Anytime Soon

My sister and I share a house and a bed, she has been here for a while now, and it doesn,t look like she is leaving anytime soon.

Things have cruised along smoothly while she has been here, I won,t say it,s like being married, I have been divorced twice but she acts like a wife anyway.

But that might come to an end soon, my first ex-wife wants to come and stay, as my granddaughters spend more time here than at her place and she feels she is missing out.

Plus, my ex-wife and sister are friends, they were in the same church group, that,s how we met, I don,t know if that,s good or bad.

My ex-wife re-married but her second husband died during Covid, so she is a widow now.

My ex-wife and I are civil to each other, for the sake of my children and grandchildren, but I think there is more to it than meets the eye.

My sister and I are nudists, we share that passion, we haven,t been away much because of Covid, the group we are with disbanded so we haven,t pursued another for the moment.

My sister gives a lot of time to the church, she visits the elderly in their homes, delivers meals on wheels, plus other community work.

My ex-wife did that too but she started fucking one of the people she was supposed to be helping with pastoral care, she just took that care too far.

I think my ex-wife has the desire to be a nudist as well, at least my sister seems to think so, they have spoken about it.

My ex-wife lives 2 hours away so she can come anytime, I don,t think she will stay where she lives now, it,s an isolated location, I think she will want to be closer to our granddaughters.

I believe she will be coming sometime this week, I,m not sure how it will go, I might just find something to do and keep out of the way.

The thing I find odd is that my ex-wife knows my sister and I sleep together but has made no comment to my sister about it.

Even my granddaughters know but they couldn,t care less, it,s OK as long as they can ride their pony, play in the pool and have fun.

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