My Sister And I Now Live In Retirement, I Have A Property On The Fringe Of A Rural Township, It Is Fairly Isolated So We Enjoy The Peace And Quiet, That Is Broken From Time To Time When My Grandchildren Come For A Weekend But I Love Having Them Here

My sister and I now live in retirement, I have a property on the fringe of a rural township, it is fairly isolated so we enjoy the peace and quiet, that is broken from time to time when my grandchildren come for a weekend but I love having them here.

They have a pony they can ride, a quad bike, motorcycle and push bikes and a pool and hot tub they can play in.

Now school is back, they havent been here for a few weeks but instead my sister invited my ex wife for a week.

My ex wife and my sister are lifelong friends, it is how I met my wife in the first place, they were part of the same church youth group, my sister supervised them.

My ex wife was having an affair with a guy from the church, which my sister knew about, but never said anything, they eventually got married.

But he died a few years ago, my ex-wife has been living alone since then so my sister thought it would be a good idea to invite her here.

So last Friday she turned up, I wasn,t pleased about it so I kept out of their way, I can always find some job that has to be done.

My ex hasn,t changed much in the 27 years we have been divorced, she is 65 now and still active in the church community, it gives her something to do.

My sister is the same, since she has lived here, she puts her now free time into the local community as well.

But we had dinner with a few glasses of wine, all very friendly then they decided to strip off and spend some time in the hot tub.

I provided them with more wine and after about 60 minutes they had had enough, they came inside, still naked, I hadn,t seem my ex naked for a long time, some things don,t change, she still has the same huge bush !

They sat in the lounge and talked for some time, then went to bed about 11 pm.

For the first time in about a year I slept alone, my sister didn,t want to give my ex a bad impression, so she lept in the other bedroom, I,m sure my ex-wife realizes we sleep together but Friday night all I had for company was my big, hard erection.

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