As I Stated In Previous Post, My Sister Is Living With Me, It,S Been Just Over 6 Months Now, We Share The Same Bed, We Fuck Almost Every Day, It Is Sort Of Like Being Married Again

As I stated in previous post, my sister is living with me, it,s been just over 6 months now, we share the same bed, we fuck almost every day, it is sort of like being married again.

My property is just outside a small rural township, it fairly isolated so we live in relative peace and quiet for most of the time.

My sister gives her time to local community groups, and most of the time I stay here and work on the property.

I have just on 20 acres, the house sits in a small area to one corner, the rest is farmland.

I have some cattle, a pony and mule who is a protection animal.

The pony is for my granddaughter, she comes every few weeks to ride and care for her.

She can also ride a quad bike, she can use the spa/hot tub and sauna if she likes.

I bought a small 2 person hot tub, and a 2 person sauna a year ago from an auction for a really good price.

My sisters friends also take advantage of those facilities when they are able.

The hot tub is on the back deck but the sauna is in an old site hut that was here when I bought the property, it,s a modified 20' shipping container converted to living quarters.

But because of the isolation, my sister and her friends are naked most of the time, my sister will get her clothes off whenever she can.

I try not to be around when her friends are here, I don,t mind them being naked but it also means I might have to be naked, I don,t know her friends well enough yet to do that.

But last weekend it was my two granddaughters, they had a ball, the weather was fine, they rode the pony and spent most of one day grooming her, that was the trade off for getting the pony in the first place, the mule was extra.

My granddaughters were quick to recognise that he was male, he stands around with 15 inches of cock just hanging there.

My oldest daughter was worried that the mule would fuck her pony but they have both been fixed.

She is still a bit confused by the fact my sister and I sleep together, but my sister explained that I had been fixed like the mule and nothing can happen.

But today is fine and sunny, it is Tuesday here so I have been sitting on the back deck reading while my sister lies in the sun naked probably getting a early tan.

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