I Am Not A Frequent Train Rider

I am not a frequent train rider.

Once I was on the train and have gotten a seat, a few people got on include a very old man.

I thought about giving him my seat but it seemed like I took forever to think about it.

A young boy gave him his seat before I could reacted.

I felt so bad after that, why did I hesitated?

It wasn't that I was immature, I was over 30 then and making a huge salary.
How did a young person much immature than me did the right thing so quickly?

This has bothered me through the years.

I question my compassion or the lack of that.

I have tried to do better since, not always

I have given away a lot of money since then (including setting up a permanent scholarship that cost almost as much as my annual salary) and volunteered for many things but I still think about this incident.

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