Hye, I Have Taken A Liking On A Shy Person

Hye, i have taken a liking on a shy person. Or introvert? Idk. He might be both of those.

Idk why i like him, it’s not like there are no other guys that have been lingering around me.

I’ve been single for almost a year now after i broke up with my 5 years relationship.

I rlly like this guy, but he seems to be the type to not be committed with anyone.

Let alone someone who he barely know.

We have never talk irl before even if he is a friend of my friend.

We did exchange glance a few times here and there but i think that were just coincidence.

Ughh, how can i at least be friend with him?

When he doesnt even use social medias that much, not even have that many friends.

Im an extrovert person, i got lots of circles.

But i rlly wanted to be with him, at least as a friend :’)

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