When I Was 14 I Started Sleeping With My English Teacher

When I was 14 I started sleeping with my English teacher.

She came onto me which I found surprising, but I was not complaining.

I figured she got off on sleeping with a shy teen but found out she was attracted to me over the loser jocks.

She was extremely attractive and 40. Perfect age too.

I saw her recently at the grocery store.

She’s in her early 70s now and she hasn’t aged a day save a few wrinkles if that.

I can’t get her out of my mind and want her again.

I can’t stop thinking of when we were involved all those years ago.

It was not a one or two time thing but constant.

I miss it and I really just miss her.

All these years later I figured it was just typical teenage lust but it wasn’t.

I genuinely felt for her and liked her.

I do like her still despite not having thought of her in years.

It all came flooding back upon seeing her.

Many that knew me knew something went on or just thought she was a flirt.

They knew I liked her though and knew she liked flirting with me but likely that’s all they thought.

If they only knew. I wish I could go talk to her but that was over three decades ago.

I just wonder how she is. Still a beauty and I still get the butterflies after all these years.

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