We Had Been Looking At And Feeling Each Other Back Than

When i was 12 i met a girl again that i had been a fiend of when we were 8 .

We had been looking at and feeling each other back than .

We got talking and she asked if i wanted to go to her house , both her parents worked all day .

We sat onnthe sofa talking , and she asked if i could remember what we used to do .

This got me excited . We started kissing and i put my hand on her small tit over her dress .

She out her hand on my dick over my jeans .

Taking a chance i put my hand inside her panties under her dress , and started fingering her .

She asked if i wanted to go upstairs . On the bed we were kissing and touching each other .

So we undressed . I was fingering her and she started to get moist , i aske dif she was ok .

She said yes please don't stop . After a time she started to moan and her body was twitching .

Again i said am i hurting you . She said no it is nice .

When she told me that i could stop , she told me that it was an orgasm .

I asked her to wank me , talling her what to do . My first orgasm with a girl .

Then she told me that her and girlfriend has been masturbating each other for a while .

She asked if her friend could come next time .

Next time we went to her house her friend was with us . A pretty but chubby girl .

That day we all went upstairs and undressed . She asked me to masturbate her friend , then her .

I was in heaven . Her friend gave me a hand job .

Then they asked if i had ever licked a pussy , telling me what to do .

I licked each of them to orgasm . Then i was ready again .

The friend who must have known more than us , asked if i would like her to suck me .

While the other girl played with my balls , one explosive orgasm .

The next time we got together , they both got down on their habds and knees .

Asking me to finger both of them at the same time . I did this till they had both cum .

Then the other girl asked me to put my dick in her pussy while she stayed kneeling .

I was a bit scared , but she said it would be ok and if i started to feel if i was coming pull out .

At first there was resistance then she let out a little squeal , and i was in up to my balls .

I gave her a few thrusts , then my friend asked me to do it to her .

The other girl was rubbing my friends pussy , and she was enjoying it .

This got me so excited that i could feel myself coming . I pulled out and finished rubbing myself .

She carried on until my friend was moaning and had her orgasm .

In the good weather we would go over the fields and lick , fuck and masturbate .

Then the cold weather came , so we spent most days in her house , enjoying sex with each other .

They would rub each other and climax with me watching . We tried evrything .

Luckily i always pulled out in time .

Later they asked if another friend who they has told about us , could join us .

3 girls and me , i was in paradise .

After about a year and a half we saw less of each other , so it eventually stopped .

Memories of an amazing time .

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