So I Have A Very Close Friend Who’S Gay

So i have a very close friend who's gay, we've known each other for over 4 years and he came out to me In the first year and I didn't mind it cause I've always supported LGBT

Every once in a while when I change my hairstyle or decided to wear reading glasses he'd tell me that I look hot and joke about me being hi type and I'd just laugh and don't take it seriously
I've had in the past a one night with a guy were I was the bottom and he topped me but that because I was just curious and didn't take it seriously

But lately I've been into cross dressing and slowly been attracted to males more and suddenly i started to have a crush on him, i started talking to him everyday hoping I'd be brave to come out to him and also to tell him that i have a crush on him but I can't and right now I'm torn between telling him and risk it or just play safe and not tell him

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