I’m Really Beginning To Hate My Grandma

Probably nobody will read this, but this is more of a vent rather than a confession.

I’m really beginning to hate my grandma. I am 16.

I hope that my feelings are valid and I’m not a brat or rude because if I am I don’t mean to be.

Recently I’ve been taking in my younger family members (6, 7, 8, 11 year olds), yet I’ve been struggling with depression for years.

My depression recently came back in a tidal wave and my grandma has been neglecting me educationally and emotionally, and abusing me emotionally.

She took me out of school and won’t put me in homeschool.

I have no more energy, I don’t talk to my friends anymore as much as I use to and I just want to lay in my bed because I can’t bring myself to care.

My trailer is a struggle to keep clean because I don’t know how, nobody taught me.

Im still a minor and I was moved into my own trailer because my grandma and I couldn’t afford an apartment anymore.

My grandma has been yelling at me so much recently because I can’t keep up with everything like she can and I feel completely alone.

I am called lazy and useless routinely now and I have nobody in the world to talk to.

After being yelled at by my grandma, I try to text someone to chat but then I realize I have no one.

That’s why I’m posting here, I can’t talk to her about how she acts because she reflects it back on me.

She almost sent me to a ward because I told her of my feelings. I really miss my mom.

I really miss being a kid. I just really want someone to care about me, that’s all.

I feel like I’m in the wrong because I can’t clean, I have no energy to or the knowledge to keep it clean and just typing that sounds like I’m making excuses but it’s true.

Maybe I really am useless. I just really want my mom to hug me or at least my grandma to care.

(My mom is a drug addict and lost custody of me as a toddler) Am I in the wrong?

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